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Maria ( suggested me jukepopserials and scribd- and after my initial trying five sites, i loved these two very much. Thanks a lot Maria, these helps mean a lot to me, God bless your huge heart and your amazing talent!


It gives you the promise of quite a good readership, it clearly shows you what you have shared, and how many persons have accessed that plus it allows you to sell your work, collects its commission from your sales.

I really love websites where i dont have to fumble around like walking in a maze.

the site address is
my profile there is sharmishthabasu


Next one is jukepopserials, I loved it too… if you go there and check out the way it helps its writers you will know why Maria praises it and I too have started to like it.

my user profile there is sharmishthabasu again, I try to keep this id wherever I can… the same spelling helps :)

the site id is –

If you want to make some money and have confident on your works try it out.


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Thursday pedagogy 17.7.14

If warring parties invite a third person to assess their problems, to take a side they should be aware of one big truth- they have their own mind and may have their own plans too…

Its best to not call third parties, but if one does one should be prepared to hear something totally against one’s own thought, belief or reality itself! Not only that, one should be cautious about the opinions, they may be totally wrong or have hidden agendas.


trees 4

earthscape 3  5.9.12

It’s branches touched
my window bars
I could see squirrels
scurrying on them
so busy in gathering stuffs
sometimes they will sprawl
on the branches
soaking the sun
in summer flowers covered
followed by the fruits
in came the monkeys
with and without tails
their colonies squatted
eating a little
destroying lot more
it was a free telecast
of discovery channel
from my bedroom window.

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trees 3

earthscape 3  5.9.12

Had to change the uniform
sari was a bit troublesome
when you are climbing tree
within five minutes of return
the climbing expedition started
higher and higher we went
looking for ripe guavas
our greatest eyesores were
hordes of monkeys
the regular raiders
of the tree
parrots and squirrels were few
but monkeys were so many
a single raid meant
everything gone for a week

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trees 1

earthscape 3  5.9.12

their leaves dance
creating their own music
soft and soothing
in tune with breeze
and when the storm strikes
it will seem
that they want to fly
so far away from earth
but their roots hold them back
to the place where they belong
the source of their survival
the freedom inside them
allows their branches to dance
without a single shackle.

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