Well, amazon have this fantastic feature where you can keep all your works together, showcase them, opened mine yesterday. Have to experiment more to use it in its full potential.

I am so glad that my preferred spelling was available :)

here it is:



Here is another one, a collection of ten short stories, that will add up to 140 pages approximately, without a single picture in it, so I guess it is nice enough size for a story book. I rather prefer small sized books unless they are written by classic writers hee ha ha.

The stories are fantasy and ghostie. Spookie and disturbing but mild. Hope it will join the Halloween booklist :)

the lotus of fire 2

Well, finally took the plunge and am absolutely curious to see how many hearts I win. :)

The Lotus of Fire is up in kindle too, here:


The book id is (ASIN: B00O8M3O5E) I think if you alter the amazon address to your local amazon site address you will locate the book.

You will find it in paperback here:


the petals of fire lotus

This is the book that was supposed to be the solo book but did not. Anyway, it is cheaper, thinner ebook. With 30 plus poems with illustration in colour.


Do check them out and let me know anything you want to say.

love and hugs.

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