oops 22.4.12

Just one sip!
Thats what i thought,
when i noted the bottle
lying unguarded….
one sip led to the other
and before i could see
i drank it all
to the last inch
is he the one
who left the bottle here
oops i gotta run!

Some old works, for testing and keeping or forgetting :)

help me! Let me know if you like them enough for my upcoming ebook.

love and thanks dear.


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Sharmishtha Basu


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5. Sharmishtha Basu : http://sharmishthabasu.wordpress.com : My haiku, piku, lanturne, tanka blog.
6. Ethereal heights: http://etherealheights.wordpress.com- Celebrating peace and beauty.
7. Earth in black and white: http://earthinbw.wordpress.com – The real world.
8. Colours and words waltz: http://coloursandwordswaltz.wordpress.com – poetry and paintings.
9. Daintypetals: http://daintypetals.wordpress.com – portfolio blog- no rigid contents.
10.And I dreamed….: http://andidreamed.wordpress.com – portfolio blog – again, no rigid contents.
11. wing of dreams ….: http://wingofdreams.wordpress.com – a blog mostly for fun
12. Ethereal paints…..: http://etherealpaints.wordpress.com – mostly short stories

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sharmishtha basu

fist full of dreams 20.4.12

for a fist full of dreams
we sail away
leave behind
the familliar lands
brave the raging ocean
thunder, lightning, winds
for a fist full of dreams
we sail away
leaving every thing
we sail away

Some old works, for testing and keeping or forgetting :)

help me! Let me know if you like them enough for my upcoming ebook.

love and thanks dear.


sailing away 19.4.12

salty southern wind
gently kisses the white sail
foamy ocean waves
rock the timber body
gentle and slow
push her forth to deeper sea
drying the sailor’s moist brow
the wind whispers softly
“Sail forth with me!”

Some old works, for testing and keeping or forgetting :)

help me! Let me know if you like them enough for my upcoming ebook.

love and thanks dear.


Thursday pedagogy 28.8.14

The recent obsession of Hollywood with cannibalism and zombies reminds me of an experiment I read about in most probably reader’s digest or some other science magazine.

in that experiment the scientists allowed rats to freely breed in a confined space, and noticed how their behaviour deteriorated with growing population.

Finally there was rat eating rat.

Scary huh?




No, you wont have to pick 100 of my works that you wont mind buying as an ebook, only few will be enough, as they will vary from one friend to the other i will get my hundred.

Apart from that, can you suggest how many should be compiled together for one book and how much will I name as price?




My first story there ( chapter 13 published on 18/8/14):

The Tower – https://www.jukepop.com/home/read/4601

second story :)

The strange island ( chapter 11 published on 18/8/14)



Third story- Harmony (6th chapter published on 18/8/14)


Sorry for the misinformation, You will have to become a member before you read the stories, or else it will be a hunting ground for plagiarists i believe. So, if you love to read stories you can join, if you want to write stories and get them tested by “no nonsense” writers join, if you love to spend your extra money with poor, hungry writers join!

I cant earn a dime from there at present but will love to have your votes, as many as you can give after joining :)



After initial testing and downloading their guideline to get the ebook ready for being published I gave up! It is impossible to follow that guideline. I am not an expert in formatting such things.

Spending 40 dollars to get a book published… well its a tough game for me. So if I can manage to handle their formatting demands then it is ok or else sorry for me. :)

in case you are in smashwords, or you are interested to take a peek, here is my interview-




Now, the bad news at the end, I had an account in another ebook publishing site, pothi.com, they used to accept word files and convert them into ebooks without any fuss. Unfortunately back then I was not planning on ebooks, right now, I am quite certain to publish my poems as ebooks and see if they can win hearts…. so I tried to create a new account with them, they told me that they have sent me the password in my email id, heaven only knows which email id, because i did not get it.

Adamantly I went back and requested them for a new password- they again repeated the same message, password sent to your email id… ha and ha.

finally i contacted their support desk.

you know the answer…


Well their support desk responded and asked me to open a gmail account and open an account through that… will think about that.


Have joined Wattpad, sounded interesting and useful, will let you know about my experiences. In case you are there, my profile there is: