Thursday Pedagogy 17.4.14


What do people get from mimicking others without actually embracing it from heart? These days, due to media we will often see, hear people, especially those who have to live or who strive to live a public life uttering the most beautiful thoughts without meaning them. One look at their face, a little studying them and you will realize that they are as fake as they can be.

So, what do they get from these masks? If they are from a field where being “the ultimate good” is profitable then I can understand it, they do it for gain, but what if being pure hearted or virtuous is not that important to their line of career?

What do you think? May be, at the end these people, the ones from the latter category just want to be something they can never be… so, in place of changing their nature and ruining their careers they just pretend to be sheep and stay the wolf inside.

Quite un-nerving hmm, especially if they are someone close to you or your heart?