bhuinchampa bloom

Sharmishtha Basu

Bhuinchampa is a flower I have seen only in west Bengal, it’s a tuber plant, that blooms during the monsoon and sometimes a little later too. They sleep through the summer and pop up their heads with rain. There are four or five colours, golden, white, pink and reddish yellow are the ones we have successfully scattered all over our Burdwan garden. They are small but very bright and cheerful looking flower, their shape resembles tulip but are barely as big as an adult thumb or may be a wee bit bigger. I loved, loved, loved those flowers.



    1. bhuin means ground, champa ofcourse means champak, most probably they wanted to say a champak that sprouts from the ground but these flowers dont have any fragrance as far as i recollect or very light sweet fragrance- may be…

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