that small fortress

Sharmishtha Basu

The walls of our Burdwan home’s roof were almost five and half feet high. It was my heaven, whenever I wanted to spend some time absolutely with myself I went to the roofs. They included hours with book and walkman. Drenching myself in rain, till my lips turned blue and hands looked as wrinkled as a corpse. What an amazing place that was to be in.



  1. I had to look up “Burdwan”. I had no idea what is meant/was.

    We all need a place to get away. When I was about 12/13 there was a tree in our yard. It had a large leaning trunk and soft bark and spreading branches. I was able to climb up and sit in the nice bending arms of the tree. I would take a book and read there.

    I liked this place because my little brother 6 years younger than I could not climb the tree. My brother has long been gone. I miss him.

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