Bhuinchampa awakes

Sharmishtha Basu

Bhuinchampa is called yellow monsoon lily in English. I worked really hard to find out but the problem is that the flowers of other varieties is mixed with the actual flower’s photograph in google; your punishment is second poem on one of my hot favourite flowers with a better picture; that looks quite a lot like the actual flower without its natural glory. It’s almost as small as the picture’s flower, or may be a bit more.

These flowers are so delightful! It’s been seven years since I have seen them but I can still see them if I close my eyes.



  1. I was just reading another blog that showed a picture of a Day Lily. It only lasts a day and then……I guess it wilts away.

    How much we miss it we fail to see the beauty of nature around us. We don’t have to go to some fancy gardens to enjoy. Just step outside and look around.

    1. i ditto to your words. the world is filled with beauty all we have to do is open our eyes. these bhuinchampa flowers wither in a day too. that was the only reason that i could bring myself to pluck some of them and keep them in a vase to enchant me even when i am indoor.

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