Playful kanthalichampa blooms

Sharmishtha Basu

Okay, I have already searched out the English name of Kanthalichampa, its Ceylon Green Champak. I discovered its photograph when I was searching high and low for bhuinchampa. Now, this blog is going to become your Bengali tutor too, you will learn a lot of Bengali things like the name of the flowers and birds. When I am writing a poem about a thing I love I will not feel a thing if I write Ceylon green champak, sorry, I will have to write kanthalichampa.

Kanthalichampa is a short-heighted very bushy tree, they really have a very soothing look; the flowers are green and absolutely hide themselves in the leaves. Not very big in size but their strong, very strong fragrance gives them up. It was such a fun to locate those flowers in the thick foliage of leaves without seeing them, just being guided by their fragrance.



  1. Some word just sound better in a native language. I feel the same way about some Spanish words. It just brings a different feel to what you want to say.

  2. Thank you very much for letting me into your colorful world. Both the picture and the poem harmoniously match in meaning and expression. The name of the flower is very beautiful and I am going to find more about it in the Net.

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