sharmishtha basu

Tundla had a large number of peacocks, I have seen the females, and the males but only once had the chance of seeing one dance.

I was running along, minding my own business when I noticed him dancing, for some reason he was not shy of me, the distance between us was quite safe maybe, or he just did not cared, whatever the reasons were, he did not paused, I did and watched him dance.



    1. thats one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen, later seen them dancing in zoos or television but nothing compared to that free soul, dancing as per his own wish, right where he belongs-wilderness (Semi).

  1. Beautiful Sharmashtha. Re publishing. I have been asked by Arvinder Singh of Sanbun Publishing, New Delhi, to look out for prospective poets. That’s why I contacted you. The way you combine those superb little illustrations with your short allegorical poems is unique, in my opinion. If you like I can contact Arvinder and let him know you are interested, and you can contact him directly, using my name. Perhaps you could also email Arvinder Singh at: sanbunpublishers@hotmail.com. You may also like to examine his website at either Hemkunt or Sanbun Publishing.
    My book, ‘A Creative Life’ was published last June by Hemkunt, so I can vouch for them.
    Let me know if you wouold like me to send him your name and my opinion of you as an artist/poet. You may need to supply him with your email address and a collection of about fifty illustrated poems.

    1. dear ken,

      thanks for the offer, but i think you should be honest to him, he trusted you about finding some good writers for you, if you think my works are worth it you can refer my blogs to him, a single glance will tell an experienced person like him if these are pebbles or gems like you think. i am a bit uncertain about my works, i really think that he wont like them, so if he reads them and rejects them without telling me that will be better for me, i will go for self publishing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      i trutly believe you should act for him, not me.

      thank you so very much for thinking my works are worth referring to anyone.

      warmest thanks and regards.

      1. Your poems are little gems, Sharmishtha. I would not have suggested you publish otherwise. I guess the aim of every poet is personal satisfaction – and always aiming for perfection. That is all one can expect – to satisfy oneself, and share it with others. I understand your point of view, but If you change your mind contact Arvinder singh at: sanbunpublishers@hotmail.com.

      2. dear ken,

        if you really think my work is worth it, please send me my blog ids, if he too thinks my works are worthy i will love to try it. but i will really appreciate it (will be very grateful) if you refer my name, blogs to him, so that if he had to reject let him reject sparing my scared feelings. will it be a problem to you? i sincerely hope and pray not.

        thanks a lot again.
        with the very best wishes,

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