shubho vijayadashami 24.10.2012

The clay slowly dissolves in river water
One with form becomes formless
The ethereal light contained in clay
Spreads its wings and envelopes the skies

I have shared the details of Durgapuja held in my family home in past years, a pure example of rural, family puja. This year I will share the URL of that post and small things related to Durgapuja. Hope you will join me in my journey.

May the blessings of the Mother Goddess shower down on you today and every day of your life.


In case you are curious to know how durgapuja is held in Bengali families- I can give you a little view of my family puja – both are same blog post in two different blogs- you can try out the one that opens.




  1. I have writing poetry since I was four and going to poetry readings on and off my whole life. I have self-published. I gave the books away. I seriously doubt many of the were ever read. We word-smiths are rare breed. I get plenty of satisfaction from the occaisional visitor who finds my site and gets a burst of wonderment from the joy I get in composing a poem. Stay in touch!

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