Bhrashtmava jayate only corrupts win

I can feel the pain, frustration
that made you twist that eternal word of wisdom
satyameva jayate- only truth will win
been quite a few years living in this country
watching its true colours
yes, it needs one to be corrupt
to rise above a level
sell your body, soul or others (thats best deal)
you will have the world under your feet
talk about soul, honesty and principles
if you are honest
you may manage enough to feed self and family
now i just cant help myself from joining you
Bhrashtameva jayate and will hope and pray
that ultimately we both can sing with joy
satyameva jayate.

This is for a cartoonist of Lucknow Aseem Chaturvedi. Now, he is really really ticked off with corruption of this nation and doesnot cares about decorum, thus have won the ire of moral police and actual police was jailed but ultimately released.

this quote is part of one of his cartoons- and after knowing this country thoroughly in last 12 years i just cant admire enough his amazing intelligency, wit and wisdom šŸ™‚



    1. they are not my words, and what is to happen? corrupts already own this country, honest people are surviving. i am hoping to sing satyameva jayate and will be so happy if it comes true šŸ™‚

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