modern devdas

I am modern Devdas
sitting in bar, too drunk to think,
watching bar dancers gyrate
Now, if i like you girl
you should better give in
your choice?
who asked about that?
if you dont i will drink more,
hire some goons
to ruin your reputation
then i will appear like a hero
and ask for your hand
if you give in you are lucky
if you dont i will drink even more
and stalk you pretending to be in love
seeking, begging help of others
in my search if you escape my cluch
and when i will locate you
i will nuke your world.

Devdas is a pathetic example of bad choices in my eyes, the ideal lover in the eyes of others. he was a brahmin, loved a kayastha girl, his father did not allowed the marriage so when the girl came for him he showed her the door, she walked away and consented to the marriage proposal from an old man; now he tried to make her elope with him but that was not really possible hundred years ago so she refused and married the old man her family has selected for her.

Devdas became drunkard and promiscuous, a prostitute Chandramukhi fell in love with him, he kept moaning for parvati, the girl from his village, finally died because of veneral diseases and drinking. before dying he went to the village where parvati now lived with her family, and died in front of her home.

its an amazing novel by legendary bengali writer saratchandra chatterjee (one of my hot favourite writers.)

but i pity devdas dont think his love was ideal.



    1. well devdas only sank deeper and deeper in self pity and hell- what did he do that was uncommon in saratchandra’s time? drinking, pros quarters both were quite rampant. loving a woman of other caste and then marrying someone of family’s choice was rampant too.

      i in place of him think shrikanto amazing, he did things that were really fabulous, including finally marrying rajlaxmi.

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