Winter and its delicacies

Hot mouth watering samosas
Stuffed with green peas and cauliflower
Gulping down hot tea
Fire meets fire
As it trickles down the throat
Burning with wee too much pepper
That made those samosas divine.

Sandesh soft and delicious
Fragrant with palm juice molasses
A taste of divine nectar on earth
To those who know it’s worth
Winter and its delicacies
Are too much to resist
For feeble souls like ours!

Sharmishtha basu

Author sayeth- samosas are Indian delicacies that are similar to patties, but these are fried in oil, whole lot of oil. Winter means most of the sweet shops will prepare samosas with stuffing of dry curry prepared with potato, cauliflower and green peas.

Sandesh is a sweet dish, that’s sold all through the year but end December and January means it gets a special taste. During these months the sweet juice of palm trees is collected all over Bengal and then cooked to prepare a special type of molasses we call it “Natun Gur” anyone who has not tasted it can’t imagine how divine it smells and tastes! Oh boy! How I love it 



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