gajar ka halwa

this is for my priceless friend Raghu @ His blog is an amazing combination of wisdom, wit and knowledge. I love reading his posts but he is really miserly.

gajar ka halwa- even the thought
makes my mouth water
reminds me of those days
when mother prepared them
without any fanfare at all
no raisins or cashewnuts to garnish
one too many shareholders
(atleast eight to be precise)
for just a little bit of that
divine food (budget was too tight).

and reminds me of those days
when my sister prepared it
with all kinds of garnishing
and then right infront of the nose
of a greedy little girl
it went to the refrigerator belly
never coming out to plate
it sat there for weeks
till the time came for next defrost
and to be dumped in dustbin
in the meantime
ofcourse a little girl
always slipped her hand inside fridge
when sis was not around
a small slice
then quickly hiding
the signs of criminal activity
and hoping
that today she will serve it
with lunch or dinner….

gajar ka halwa is a sweet dish prepared with carrots, condensed milk and ghee (indian butter)- it is simply divine. i just love, love, love it 🙂

when i read raghu’s comment in one of my post my mouth filled up with water instantly. 🙂



    1. i am really fond of gajar, in curry, raw or ofcourse gajar ka halwa. the tragedy is my brother hates gajar ka halwa, so eating it is a history now because i am not going to take all that trouble for myself only. ha ha! then i am not that much of a foodie, so i dont mourn after it.

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