Thursday pedagogy 17.1.13

2 Thursday pedagogy 17.1.13 CAWW

It’s good to see people uniting for a good cause, but even then one has to do some reality check once in a while.

Quite a few of them were good people, those who burned senile women alive, thinking they were witches, who had made pact with devil.

In the recent reason of public fury, almost everyone is talking about death penalty for the culprits. I personally believe in the rights of innocent victims over culprits any day, and that is why I am a bit against death penalty, after all, in a absolutely corrupted legal system who will ensure that the person hanged is actually guilty?

As for rape, I believe Indian society needs a real cleansing; first, they are really immature so they should be deprived of the “free usage” of obscene movies/ programs, intoxicating liquors and pills like Viagra which as far as it seems are quite rampantly circulating in the country.

Sex education must be made mandatory, especially for girls, along with that they should be taught about protecting themselves from probable abuses, they should be taught to shed their demure ways and become more suitable for the present world. I have personally seen that perverts harass women in sari or salwar suit more than they dare to harass a woman in jeans. Karate training may make a woman confident but when it comes to rough situations like abuse it does not helps much, kungfu or kick boxing may be more useful- or methodic use of karate- solid training of using the vulnerable points of body.

Men and women both should be taught to respect each other and themselves too. Indian society has abused women for centuries and is still abusing so the problem lies in mindset and sometimes some incidents catch public attention whereas such incidents keep happening round the clock. After all why won’t these things happen in a country where women are burnt alive or harassed because they could not satiate the financial demands of their in-laws, bought and sold in name of marriage, sold off to brothels in a scary percentage, believed to be inferior than men (in mind) and expected to act like self sacrificing idiots to prove that they are selfless goddesses?

When boys are growing up they are taught that its women who invite lewd remarks and dirty gestures by dressing up provocatively or living a reckless life. Now that provocative dress may be a salwar suit, and that reckless life may be studying in college- it depends on the area where you live. Their immature minds are stuffed with obscene movies and programs, literatures but they can’t talk with girls, and quite often when they marry their wives hate sex- yes, most of the Indian girls think it’s alright to hate physical relationships to prove how chaste they are, especially after a children or two. So in a country like India its better not to have provocations like porn movies, liquors and Viagra I believe, and I really feel that if these actual roots of problems are attacked a lot of problems will curb down. Because I still recollect the first stench of corruption in my village home, that started with the video halls that popped up in every village showing rampant blue films and adult movies, filling up the minds of innocent village youngsters with obscenity and ideas.

So, we may start with firm steps against obscenity in media, rampant sale of liquors and other dangerous intoxicating objects, then after curbing these down we may proceed to teach people to respect each other, especially treat women as equal human beings and that will be just first step.

AUTHOR’S HUMBLE WORDS: Well pedagogy in rude translates to preaching, and that will be the topic of these blogs mostly. Hope you won’t hate them!

1 Thursday pedagogy



  1. Definitely.It’s useless screaming about punishment for rapists until we first try changing the society around us..But banning alcohol is too much,don’t you think?

    1. i was not talking about banning, honestly, i was only saying that these things should be sold with great caution. you know how hooch shops pop up in every nook and cranny here and the money that gets wasted on that poison instead of being utilized in family (for feeding children or teaching), that is also a great lacking in terms of humanity.

  2. This is a very thoughtful post – I don’t find it particularly ‘preachy’.

    I’m inclined to agree with you about the death penalty – and the fact that starting with punishment doesn’t address the problem. You hit the nail on the head: the key is learning to respect each other and ourselves.

  3. I appreciate your social awareness posts. I agree with your arguments against the death penalty. The main choice is what side to err on: whether to spare guilty people to make sure they don’t execute innocent people, or to possibly execute innocent people to make sure they don’t spare any guilty people. I agree with the first one.

  4. so true Sharmishtha! the problem lies in our awareness ,our menatlity. THe society that has put certain norms,which arent of any use now..and the ease with which adolescents are prone to such cheap stuff and the exposure they nowadays due to misuse of internet causes a lot of unseen problems.. Every change should begin at home..if every mother ensures this,a son,a brother shall be aware of his duty and conscience.

    1. it should start at home and the society will have to play is role, then i can see (hopefully) an absolutely changed scenario. just think if parents teach their children the right behaviour (the things our parents did) and the society keeps a watch against rampant sale of liquor, drugs, obscenity then things are bound to change. now, i think its dumb to think that the entire society is provoked and some of them wont go astray!

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