love speaks

love speaks 20

sharmishtha basu



  1. Well said, Sharmishtha. Your quote reminds me what Keats said in his poem ‘The eve of St.Agnes’ describing the beauty of Madeline as ‘…as if a rose should shut and be a bud again’.

      1. I am glad that you are always there when I want to read your poems. I have been very occupied with visiting friends, attending wedding, and compiling my research work lately. Also, I need a longer time to write now.

        There might be a chance that I can visit you in India. I might be going to Bangalore for a scientific conference in April, then I will move on to Gujarat to attend a wedding there, if there is time, I can visit you in Kolkata. Anyway, not too sure yet.

        Wish you all the best for this New Year!

      2. Yes, I will have to plan, if I am attending a conference in Bangalore in April, and I am going to Ahmedabad for my friend’s wedding after that. Some of my Chinese colleagues wants to take the chance to see Taj Mahal. I don’t know how long can I be in India. If I can fly to Kolkata, I will let you know. In July, there is another wedding in South India that I might attend. India is such a huge country, I have no idea yet how I should travel to meet friends from different places.

        Thank you Sharmishtha.

      3. are you from India too? You have so many close friends in India! Dont miss Agra (tajmahal etc), squeeze out atleast three or four days for that place, try to tour with someone who knows its spots.

      4. Thank you for the recommendation :)! May be I shall stick to Ahmedabad and Bagalore if there is a constraint in time. I like to take my time to walk around without rush.


      5. When I was living in Europe, time seldom seems like a constraint, but when I move back to Singapore, a society now dominated by the Chinese and the Indians big bosses, the value of people is linked to amount of work they have done. Sometimes it is like the hell as I commented in one of your post, but it is also a heaven because it makes us understand how our heart could take things easily, and always see a brighter side of the world.


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