Thursday pedagogy 24.1.13

I don’t know how many of you do, but I do, every time I read or watch a group of stronger boys and girls bullying a weaker, different or not child I feel like picking up a cane!

This is a tendency I believe should never be entertained, and somehow I think and have seen these bullies later transform into psychological bullies and take care that everyone around them, gullible to their bullying stays miserable.

People say that it’s their personal miseries that make kids bully, I don’t believe it, I believe it may be their personal misery but mostly it’s their nature- to vent out personal frustrations on everyone around, they should be guided to not do that. After all, you can never tell when you will run into Carrie (a girl with special powers, who burned down a hall when bullied nastily by her classmates, sadly she did not spared the innocents either).

There is nothing to “understand” and “let them continue bullying” innocents just because they live in Adam’s family, which will at present increase number of miserable beings, and in future most probably take nastier turn.

Very honestly, I am yet to meet a bully who has grown up to be a good person and am yet to meet a bully who has been born in Adam’s family, mostly these are children of normal families whose parents may be negligent or without control on them or dote too much to control them.

AUTHOR’S HUMBLE WORDS: Well pedagogy in rude translates to preaching, and that will be the topic of these blogs mostly. Hope you won’t hate them!

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  1. I feel bad for bullies because there ARE reasons why they do what they do. It usually stems from some kind of fear, anger, hurt, feelings of powerlessness, etc. That doesn’t mean they should be able to continue to bully, though, and I’m not about to say their behavior doesn’t anger me.

    I’ve read of many bullies who feel horrible later in life, knowing what they did and how it hurt people. Unfortunately, by the time a bully reaches that point, a lot of damage has been done…some of it permanent. Kids need to learn at an early age how their behaviour affects others. And adults need to be reminded of it as well.

  2. i partially agree with you kath, being brought up in the same home with four bullies has given me a different point of view, that can be right or wrong or both.

    if there are issues then they should be sent for therapy. no matter how much i suffer i dont have any right to pick up someone weaker than me and make him or her suffer.

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