Thursday pedagogy 31.1.13

4 Thursday pedagogy 31.1.13 CAWW

Media can weigh some of the terms it uses, so can the government authorities that deal with criminal cases, especially murder. Now, where does “honour” fit in when someone kills his child or his/her spouse because they are from different religion or caste? You can call it “blind superstition” but it ain’t honour sir or madam! It just is not honour!

There is nothing honourable in chasing a young couple, harassing them, luring them or tracking them to their death just because they married out of love and married someone you detested. You don’t own their life! They have absolute right to do what they can all you can do is banish them from your home.

If people start treating these murders like witch hunt, I wonder how many people will feel good about them in future, I don’t see any difference between them. I just miss the “honour” part in this butchering of one’s own sister/daughter with utmost monstrosity.

My mother was against inter caste, inter religious marriages but she never said that she will kill her children if they did so, or disown them. She only grumbled (very meanly) when we joked that we will.

AUTHOR’S HUMBLE WORDS: Well pedagogy in rude translates to preaching, and that will be the topic of these blogs mostly. Hope you won’t hate them!



    1. fortunately acid attacks are not that rampant in India, its more menacing in Bangladesh, our next door neighbours. thats a really, really horrendous example of bestialty. how can people do that to another human being?

  1. I always felt the use of “honour” killings when a brother or father killed their sister or daughter b/c the female did something or had something done to them that she deserve compassion from her family and there is no “honour” in what they do. Women have the right to freedom from the rule of men. It is still happening in this world that women are not equal. In the US where I live there are many people in the government that would like to take away choices for women here also. And there are some men who have minds that exist in the stone ages in their way of thinking they have a right to rule women. Women should rule women, no one else. Good to post this Sharmishtha. jk

      1. Women are claiming their power but it is still a struggle. In the USA you would think that would not be an issue but it is more of an issue than you think. The Republicans are trying to take away women’s right continuously. One idiot repub actually, last year, came out and said that a woman that is raped cannot get pregnant unless of course she really wanted it. Is that one of the stupidest things you have ever heard. I’m sure not but it is hopeless. We have so many bigots and misogynists and homophobes and racists & people that just hate in this country, I wish women were in control of the world. I think it would be a better place that is if they are of the nature for peace and equality for all. jennifer

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