the magic lotus

lotus 1.2.13

He could see the flower blooming, even though it was close to midnight, and a sickle moon was glowing in the velvet black sky.

He knew he will have to have that flower, it was so beautiful, serene, glowing like a moon on the marsh.

He started rowing…. by the time he reached the middle of the marsh the flower vanished….then in place of her dozens of flowers popped up, all glowing like her!

“There is one magic lotus!” His guru has told him, “Its hidden by demons, everytime someone tries to get it they try to trick him. If you pluck the wrong one the demon will attach itself to you for the rest of your life, may be beyond! Be careful about what you desire my child!”

He stopped rowing and started to think deeply….




  1. I would have certainly endeavoured to fall for the right choice, I don’t know what could have happened. Lotus blooms and inspiries but it too has a last day for it like Keats said ” Where is the flower that doth not fade”?

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