the punishment

he came out of the pub, whistling merrily. the world around him looked real funny. a few minutes later he noticed him, that lanky tea shop boy, Jagan walking a few meters ahead of him.

“hey jagan!” he called out.

he increased his speed, why will he not? it was favourite game of Chandru and his friends to tease this boy, everything about him amused them, his being a village boy, his stuttering, his skinny figure.

Chandru quickened his pace, he quickly caught up with the boy with his adult gait.

“Going home ja… ja… jagan?” he mimicked.

the boy only shook his head, his face growing red.

“Do you know how to milk a cow?” he asked innocently, knowing very well that he did not had any experience of that type.

“No.” the boy answered.

“Come on! every village boy knows how to milk a cow!” he laughed.

“Let me go… I have works to do.” the boy said, stuttering furiously.

“o..o..o..k..” he bellowed merrily.

the boy almost ran away from him.

a little distance away he met a buddy. “Hey! returning already?” he asked. “I thought we will have some drinks together…”

He tried to answer but it seemed his tongue was as heavy as an iron ball and was all rolled up inside his mouth… “a….a… sssss…stahrted …uhrly….”

his friend stared at him then started to laugh. “Okay, enough mimicking…”

“aaaa…ahi …. gohtttahh goooo…” he scampered away from him.



  1. A vivid brief tell, yes.

    I believe they can overcome stuttering these days. It must have been hell years ago. Excellent.

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