Thursday pedagogy 14.02.13

I honestly acknowledge the immense growth that India has shown after independence, as an Indian I am quite proud of it, but, what’s the actual use of a nation’s growth if its poor are ruthlessly exploited? Even by the government itself?

Around 10000 sweepers are bearing the responsibility of manually cleaning the premises of Maha Kumbh Mela- one of the most pious religious fair of Hindus where millions take a dip in Ganges in Prayag, a place near Allahabad.

They spend their days cleaning up the dirtiest to normal garbage of the fair, huddled in threadbare tents in freezing weather, adjacent to drains, without any fuel or minimal fuel to keep them warm during the freezing nights and days.

Apart from cleaning the garbage left by others they do another favour too; they collect the leftover food materials, dry them and take them to their villages, where they are used as animal fodder.

These people are exploited grotesquely right under the nose of the government and by those who call themselves pious, religious to the topmost level.

So where is the shining light under which India is claimed to be gleaming?

AUTHOR’S HUMBLE WORDS: Well pedagogy in rude translates to preaching, and that will be the topic of these blogs mostly. Hope you won’t hate them!



  1. Very well written and informative my sister! You always do well and share and influence so much, I have nominated you for the Most Influential Blog Award 2012. You have always embraced my poetry and influenced me with yours as you have done with so many others. Your spirit always shines brightly in your words! Congratulations my sister I never forget or give up on you! You are a treasured gift as is everything that you pen! May god bless you and your family endlessly!

  2. many countries struggle with equal development of people. However, the ones that overcome inequality do it through constant struggle. Never give up the fight, my friend. I hope equality will come to India soon.

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