Thursday pedagogy 21.02.13

I am born in India; a country which demands that children should blindly obey parents, why? Because they gave birth!

Well, I too followed the teachings of this school till I realized after my father’s death, quite early that motherhood does not turns every woman into a mother. Some mothers are really not goddesses as they are forced to be pronounced and the same theory applies to some fathers too of course.

Recently few news items spoke my opinion in reality, in the first a toddler in Russia was rescued by neighbours and sent to child care agency, her mother used to spend all her time on drug and alcohol and the child was being brought up by her pet dogs, they kept her alive by feeding her and giving her the warmth needed in freezing cold of Russia.

A woman in Kolkata was jailed because she used to lock her kid up in home to go to office, and mercilessly beat him up, that included tearing his hair in clumps and brandishing with hot spoon.

The final one was jailed because she drugged her fifteen year old daughter and handed her over to her boyfriend, fortunately the girl regained consciousness and saved herself, was sent to a charitable organization but I have high faith on these organizations and I truly wish this girl luck!

The fathers who are jailed because of abusing their kids, well, if we start to talk about them the list will not end.

Is not it the time that we stop talking about things that are not real? Make innocence a good thing, a thing to be cherished not cursed? Sometimes children need to be protected from their parents, and with rising cost of living their number are increasing in a scary speed.

AUTHOR’S HUMBLE WORDS: Well pedagogy in rude translates to preaching, and that will be the topic of these blogs mostly. Hope you won’t hate them!



  1. I just prey to god that he gives me enough strength to start one of my most long lasting dream in time.. to have any and all kids in need to a family !

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