unforgettable walk

she was walking alone, on the narrow road winding through the woods. a little disturbed and pained because she made the mistake of switching on the news channel early in the morning.

she turned it off after a little while but the news that came pouring from the world all over was enough to ruin her spirit.

she decided it was time for a small walk, picked up her cane and started to walk in the woods.

it was early in the morning and the woods were really noisy, the birds were having a chattering competition.

she sat down on a rock and started to watch the river gently flowing by, waiting for sun to show up behind the green hills that guarded the horizons.

scurrying sound made her turn her head, it was a doe with two fawns- one of them was a deer and the other one was a domesticated goat. she was nursing and licking them both with utmost tenderness.

her eyes filled up with tear, she sat there watching them till they left, forgetting the sunrise absolutely.



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