bus stop

the car was slowly moving forth. it was raining so heavily that it appeared that a sheet was hanging in front of the car, just a feet or two away.

he had to wipe the windscreen by hand again and again to get rid of the moisture.

he might have missed her if she has not been wearing that costly sari, as if she was out for a party and got stuck in a torrential rain.

“You need help?” he peered at her through the drops cascading down from sky.

“Thank you!” she said and gently slid in. “I will mess up your seat.” she said after a brief pause.

She was beautiful. Very fair with long black hair that was resting on her breast in the form of a braid, a garland of jasmine was twined around it. her eyes were huge and full of feelings. her soft, full lips were red without lipstick.

her sari was wet and clinging to her body.

“i am sorry but i dont have a towel in the car.” he said. “Where will I drop you?”

“I am new to kolkata, I dont have any idea about its roads, I came here for an audition, screen test but they called it off at last minute…. ”

“I will drop you at a hotel then?” he asked. “What kind of hotel are you looking for?”

“Safe and not too costly.”

he left her at a hotel he knew, she stepped down and entered the hotel, he parked the car and followed her.

the counter clerk smiled at him. “Good evening. what are you doing out in this weather?”

“The girl who just entered… give her a good room and see that she is not bothered by anyone. I will come and check out on her tomorrow…”

“Which girl?” the clerk asked.

“In pink sari, banarasi i think… very beautiful with long hair…”

“No one came inside boss!” was his pat reply.

he went out to the lobby but she was not there, they asked the gatekeeper, the waiters, none have seen her.

he returned home perplexed.

the next morning he was talking about the strange incident to his friends when a man interrupted. “Did that girl had a huge mole above her lip?”

“yes.” he turned to face the stranger, “Do you know her?”

“All odd hour drivers of that route know her. that poor girl came to kolkata from some village, wanted to become a heroine, her corpse was discovered in a ditch a little distance away from that bus stop, back then that area was not full of houses. no one knows who were the monsters that tortured and killed that hapless girl but ever since she shows up, those who treat her with respect are spared, those who dont are given the fright of their miserable lives.”



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