One two three

One… two… three ….. Run ….

The kids started to run, some were wobbly some were fast….she stood there watching them run for the finishing line. There was one gift for every participant.

“Good job Mudita!” Ms. Saxena patted her shoulder. She turned and smiled.

Ms. Saxena was the owner of this tea garden. She returned here after spending her youth in UK. The thing that struck her hard was the poverty of the workers and the pathetic condition of their children.

She instantly started to work on both ground.

For the first ground she started to lift their standard of living.

For the second she appointed Mudita and a group of teachers to teach the children and teach them in a way that they become skilled in at least one thing that will help them in earning money, if possible livelihood.

At first the parents were not at all interested to hand over them, they were appointed in petty chores from really early age, but when Ms. Saxena pointed out that their standard of living has considerably improved so they can spare the children they agreed.

Within five years the first batch was earning more than they might have earned as domestic help or helpers in shops so the parents did not hesitated for the rest of their children.

Now, fifteen years later Ms. Saxena is happy that the workers of her tea garden live like human beings should.



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