Old age

old age

“Daddy… are you up?” he softly knocked the door of his father’s room.

There was no answer. He repeated the knock and then entered the room with the tray of tea in his hands and froze.

His father … or someone who looked just like he might…. twenty years later was sitting on his father’s bed, mumbling something. His hair was sparse, white, hands were shaking.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I am your father… I don’t know what happened to me….”

Actually he did.

He was pet pooch of a millionaire; he did his dirty jobs for him. All types of dirty jobs without any remorse as long as the bone was juicy.

His master wanted to break a woman, someone who has done to sins- one she was his daughter’s competitor for the hands of a millionaire, second she has spurned his lusty advances.

His master had some horror houses built all over the country. They tricked the girl into renting one of them and blackmailed her father to become their puppet.

Then he showed up in the scene as her landlord. His duty were to bring out the worst in that woman, to change her nature by constantly bothering her in every possible way in stealth and slowly mixing a supplied chemical to her drinking water that resulted in serious health damage and very quick aging. By the end of five years in his clutch she became really quick tempered and looked twenty years older than her actual age.

His master was no longer interested in her, nor was his daughter’s competitor, so after their marriage they set her father free and they vanished in thin air.

Last night she woke him up.

“When you and your comrades tormented me I was helpless. Now I have earned my chance of justice. You will live a long, pathetic life inside this living corpse.” She vanished, he scrambled to the mirror, feeling really dizzy, and an old man stared back at him from the mirror.



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