Change of location

“If you work for me I will get you out of the jail.” His cellmate told him, and he did, within a month he was out of the jail living in a house across the country, working for him.


He was jailed because of selling obscene videos of his tenants, he was the owner of a house in Delhi, he rented its rooms out to women; those poor creatures never even imagined that he had cameras installed in every room including the bathrooms.


In this seriously depraved country those videos sold like hot cake, making him lot of money, then his luck ran out and one of his tenant’s boyfriend stumbled upon her video in internet and as he has been to her room he quickly added two plus two and he was behind bars. The women took care that he gets the longest sentence, now that made this disturbed creature really angry, so when he got the offer he accepted it to satisfy his vendetta on women and make money too.


That morning he woke up with a strange malady, his tongue was no longer in his control- nor were his hands and legs; he knew all the while that he was acting like a lunatic but it seemed his tongue and body were dead bent to prove him one.


He ended up in a mental asylum after he spilled all the dark secrets of his life, starting from day one. His guard loved watching the inmates in surveillance camera 24×7… and he knew it!



      1. a young woman with her boyfriend boarded a bus, that bus had five passengers, and driver- they were a gang that used that bus to run small scams like looting stranded passengers and picking up hookers.

        the girl was gang raped, monstrously beaten up, they even tried to crush her under wheels but missed, she died later in the hospital.

      2. Yeah I have been watching this show on Life OK about the crimes that happen in India, I can’t spell the name of the show. It said that Mumbai and Delhi are the worst places for crimes. I really think that extra measures should be taken to protect women in unsafe areas.

      3. Yeah I saw it, it is very very different.
        I think I saw this episode about two teengers who became fraudsters at a young age.

        But yes, there is a big difference in the crimes that take place in Mumbai and Delhi. Mumbai is all money related crimes and Delhi is more severe crimes. Well that is what I saw from programme!

      4. no, they kill and tortured those who followed different political views. it was a scary environment! families were burnt alive in communist party era because they followed other political parties, want to know more? google!

      5. I think I must have misunderstood what you meant, because I thought I read the words ‘no killing & no torturing’ in the previous comment, that is why I wanted to make sure lol. But yeah if saw that happening before my eyes even I would be scared of such an environment.

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