Thursday pedagogy 14.03.13

Indians make a fuss about introduction of sex education in schools; I on the contrary firmly believe that this education should be made must at a very young age. The way frustrated perverts after overdosing themselves with porn movies are easily picking up the easiest targets- children as young as toddlers our hairs should raise with fear!

Now, in case of children who are supposed to be under 24 hour protection by an adult, that is up to three years old it’s the parents job to protect them. But once they start moving on their own the task becomes tough. Indian culture treats to respect elders, relatives, friends of the family etc. and this is the sector from which they are attacked.

In most of the cases Indian children don’t get the necessary sex education like knowledge about their own body especially post puberty forget about saving themselves from offenders or the warning signals about them.

We bring them up like sitting ducks.

As parents and as society we owe them something, if not safety then at least warning? Who and what to do and not do?

It’s embarrassing for most parents to discuss these things with their own kids, but teachers can do it, and they can do it with greater tact than parents. This should be made must and should be introduced real early. I have seen lazy or too tired mothers handing over their kids to every Tom, Dick and Jane to get them off their backs for a few hours, never even fretting what they might be doing to their kids. If the child is toddler then it is his or her bad luck but if s/he is old enough and given directions at school that may work as a shield, a weapon.

How can a society underplay the safety of its kids? There are too many of them?

AUTHOR’S HUMBLE WORDS: Well pedagogy in rude translates to preaching, and that will be the topic of these blogs mostly. Hope you won’t hate them!




      1. The world is one confusing place!
        Seriously though a child shouldn’t have to go through such pain at a young age. Children should be having fun and playing games.

        But yeah if they are warned of the dangers they can really protect themselves and save themselves from having a terrible childhood!

      2. exactly. the abuse during childhood leaves a lifelong mark. my heart goes out for them. I am a bit biased against pedophiles- I utterly loathe them, and that hatred is really intense and unforgiving.

      3. I know what you mean. Even I loathe them too and with intense hatred because they take away a child’s innocence and, like you said leaves a lifelong mark on a child. It haunts them.
        Even my friend hates pedophiles with intense hatred too.

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