Demon child a 7 sentence story

She did not have a soul at all. She worked in an NGO as nurse, had all the records of the children in the area that were unprotected, vulnerable. She supplied them to demons in flesh for money.


After a brisk business of ten years she left the country and settled outside, with her pleasing manners and pretty face plus money she bagged a nice husband and started to live a peaceful life in countryside.


Pregnancy was greeted with joy and happiness, it was a premature baby; her husband was away on a trip, not even dreaming that the baby will decide to show up at sixth month.


She lost and regained her consciousness in terrible pain, something was tugging at the umbilical cord- her first instinct was animal, it was not human either, her baby- a hideous demon with sharp nail like tooth and a pair of lathery wings was trying its best to get away.


The police discovered her body a few hours later when her help returned from the market and discovered her lying there, soaked in her own blood. They assumed that she died during the birth and some animal took off with the baby.




      1. ummm.. have a different perception.. loathing – revenge – getting back – vindication… they all lead to a never ending spiral ! I prefer knowing that wrong has been done and search resilience in my inner strength to resurrect the life. Pardon and move ahead. Only those in power has the power to forgive !

      2. hmm, either you are surrounded by angels or I have been brought up amongst psychopaths, I too believed in your theory but have learnt my lesson after practicing it for too long. in reality I have seen that people often use “forgiveness” as a cloak to hide their intention to settle scores when the winds are in their favor! so I don’t harm people, don’t believe in revenge, but believe in divine justice and if I harm someone I believe for certain that if they get a chance they will settle the score 🙂 whether I did it willingly or not. sorry I learn lessons from my own life but respect beautiful virtues and those who possess them.

        the stories of march monster is just a reminder to people who enjoy harming others for their own benefit I know you are not one of them, that you can never know how furious the wronged person can be, or how much you may have stirred his desire for a really good revenge 🙂

      3. have been wronged in my life again and again… but have accepted them as the reward of daring to be different. People do not accept people who do not conform. So I feel proud to have the power to forgive.

        I felt that there have been so many instances of being wronged that if I keep all of them in mind, I wont have enough place for new and beautiful things of life. So let them feel as they want. Yes I too believe that they will get what they deserve, but thats not in my hand. As it is said in Geeta – my job is to remain true to my responsibilities and actions, outcome is not in my hand. I feel content in that. Its not because I am surrounded by angels, but belief in angels. Everyone does what they felt is right to them, even the sinner. Who am I to point it to them ! Anger only begets more anger – and love has its own rewards!

      4. Awww.. thx! 😀
        Dunno about being an angel.. but I follow the maxim from Bible – “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” [Matthew 7:12]

      5. well, normal people (like me) give up throwing pearl before swine when they understand that most of the people don’t understand goodness, they try to practice “tit for tat” or “avoid the unworthy” I fall in the latter category. “tit for tat” is a bit cheap in my taste, I do it only if someone really, really bothers me for long time and keep bothering even after I try to avoid, ignore him/her again and again. its people with angelic nature act like the sage that kept on trying to rescue the scorpion even after it stung him again and again. I certainly would not have killed that scorpion but I would not have rescued him after the first sting 🙂

      6. hmmm.. I guess you do perfectly right. Even God preaches so ! Ignoring them can always be equated to pardon ! That puts you also in the bracket of angels ! 😉

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