New tree in woods

He hated women with wings, every time he came across one he tried his level best to break them… there was no personal enmity he was just a little unstable upstairs. In short, he was a multi millionaire with serious psychiatric problem.

It was a dark, stormy night, he was lying in his cabin high up in the mountains, feeling the pulse as lightning flashed from one end of the sky to the other. Late at night the sky fell asleep after a tempestuous rain, so did he.


A thundering pain woke him up, something was wrong with his body, waist downwards.


He discovered that he was no longer lying on his bed, but was standing amongst trees, it was dawn and his waist was deep under the soil. He clawed and clawed till his hands got raw but after digging a foot or so his soul froze- he was looking at a tree trunk with roots sprouting out of it.



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