Rise and fall of Demona

Demona loathed her because she voted against Demona twice- first when Demona was asked to vacate the house, her home where Demona has been living free of rent for years. Second time when Demona thought about a permanent solution of living free of rent by seducing and marrying her brother!

Demona soon realized its better and more profitable to work for and with demons than bagging a middle class man as husband but she did not stopped loathing her, forgetting that she has treated Demona as younger sister and lavished her with everything an elder sister does for younger one before she realized that Demona is just too greedy and corrupt.


So Demona started ascending to sky through the gateway to hell and every demon she worked with, or seduced was set after her once benefactor, with thousand and one malicious false information, Invented with deep malice and cunning.


Demona and her dark world were maze to her prey so she had brilliant success. She climbed the steps and gloated as her self-proclaimed enemy was reduced to dust. Then the time came, for her fall, back to where she has started her ascent to meet up the dues.



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