“Your son has been found sir.” The voice on the other end of the phone said.

“Where was he?” he felt a heavy load lifting from his heart, mind, soul.

“In a deserted house on the outskirts of the city… he is really dazed….he is in the police station.” The man answered his queries.

He rushed to the police station across the town.

He was sitting on a chair; his chin was resting on his knees that were tightly clasped to his chest by his vice like arms.

“Come Raj!” he gently touched his shoulder.

“I can’t go with you!” he answered in a cold voice.

“Why son, what’s wrong?” he gently asked.

“I will have to go to her. She says I am hers.” He brushed away his hand from his shoulder.

“Who son?” he sat down on the chair beside him.

“You know who!” he looked at him, his eyes were cold and menacing, not like the loving son who worshipped him a night ago.

“No I don’t!” he mumbled.

“Mukta!” he hissed.

He gaped at him. From where did he hear her name! She was past. He knew her before his son was born, that is, twenty years ago.

His baby sister fell in love with a suitable young man, the problem was the suitable young man loved another girl, she threatened that she will kill herself if she could not marry the person she loved. What could he do?

He was a police officer, knew people from spheres, police and criminal world. He played a game with the help of his wife, his wife conned his colleagues on the pretext that the girl was trying to steal him from her and begged for their help and he arm twisted the local criminals, together they ruined the reputation of the girl so badly that forget about the boy, no one else could dream about marrying her.

Then his sister married the man she wanted and he got transferred here.

He sometimes felt bad but not for long. Then with years it vanished. That is, he thought that it was over till today.

Raj vanished in the middle of the night, from home; they discovered it in the morning and immediately informed police. They acted well and returned him within 12 hours of the diary.

But something has changed.

“Take him home sir, he must be drugged or something…” the inspector said a little impatiently. He was watching the family drama with immense apathy.

“Come Raj! Don’t make a scene here.” He got up and Raj followed him to home.

His wife was waiting for them at the doorways.

“Don’t touch me!” he rudely pushed away her arms and hissed. She took a few steps backwards and stared at him as he stomped off to his room and banged the door. They heard the lock turning.

“Please open the door son!” his wife begged.

“She has told me everything! How you lied and daddy used all his powers to ruin an innocent girl. Someone who has done no harm to either of you! I feel ashamed that I am your son!”

“Leave it Rama.” He touched her shoulder. “He will calm down.”

Raj vanished that night.

He rushed to the police station and talked with the police officer, filed a diary citing Mukta’s name.

The cops could not find him but they came to meet him.

“The woman you have mentioned in your diary, she died last month! She did not have any relatives or friends so we don’t know how your son came to know about her…she was unmarried and very poor… died in a destitute home, therefore hiring someone to con your son seems impossible too…we will try to search your son but sir you know young boys… he must have made it up. He will come back on his own!”



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