Thursday pedagogy 4.04.13

I have always been an advocate of marriage. I think it was one of the good things that popped up in human mind, and with the normal human tendencies we mutated it into something ugly (mostly).

It gave us one of the most beautiful bonds- family!

But it is not made for perverts and flirts, it’s a bond for decent people, who believe in relationship or are sincere in trying them. We all fail, but at least we should try sincerely before giving up.

I firmly believe that two people if they try together, sincerely can live a committed life, if swans can, crows can without any moral obligations, why can’t we?

This is time to separate the two types, those who don’t want to commit for life, and those who do. The problem always lies with those who want to cheat! Because they never leave the virtuous ones alone! No matter how many “liberal” friends are available they always love to corrupt those who want to be committed.

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