Thursday pedagogy 11.04.13

The government of some country in Africa (sorry I have forgotten the name) has found a really good way to teach some monsters a lesson! After the monstrous poaching of the umpteenth rhinoceros they have started injecting the rhino horns with a chemical (living rhinos) that is really bad for human health. It makes them sick but does not harm the rhinoceros.

If that chemical is tested on rhinos and proved harmless to them please all the countries that have these magnificent creatures in their countries start using that chemical before they are wiped out by two legged monsters!

I really wish such methods are invented for every other endangered creature, so that those who buy these things shamelessly get their dues!

Would not it will be cool if your animal fur gives you itchy rashes? Or your ivory pendant gives a terrible toothache or headache or rash? Will you still buy them? I wonder!

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  1. That’s South Africa that’s doing it. I have a South African co-worker and she told me about it. It’s too bad they have to do that, but they’re desperate to stop poaching.

    1. I sincerely hope and pray indian authorities get desperate too! can you believe it in three months 14 rhinos have been killed in a single sanctuary of India? Thank God that other sanctuaries are not that fantastic!

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