Happy Bengali New Year aka Shubho Nabobarsho 1420

NABOBARSHO 2013 aka 1420

Shubho Nabobarsho my dear friends, that is, Happy Bengali New Year, my old friends know it falls on 14th or 15th April, my new friends will know from now on!

Let this year materialize every dream you had, fill up every moment of your life with happiness, joy and love. May your life spill with goodness, worldly and spiritual!

It’s quite widely celebrated here, not in the scale of Durgapuja but is not much dull than that! The gift shops and garment shops make huge profit, sales start one month before Baisakh that is during Chaitra, the Bengali month that starts in Mid March and ends in Mid April. Every shopaholic goes out for a whole hearted shopping! If you are a good judge of quality you can make real good bargain during this month! Together the shopkeepers and shoppers make travelling on some streets of Kolkata next to impossible!

On this day, the temples are thronged with devotees, especially businessmen or shop owners, the most popular temples in Kolkata are Dakshineshwar and Kalighat, both temples of Mother Goddess Kali.

The celebrations are pure Bengali style, morning spent in queuing up outside temple, then returning home, eating Bengali delicacies in lunch and dinner, new dresses, gifts, family time.

So Happy New Year from Bengal, Wish you a wonderful Bengali year ahead, filled with blessings of Gods and everything beautiful, adorable that can be have!

Shubho Nabobarsho!

A LITTLE NOTE: The Goddess in white sari is Mother Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of creativity and art, The Goddess in red sari is Mother Goddess Laxmi- the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and good luck, The God in between them is Lord Ganesha- the giver of wisdom, good luck and remover of obstacles from life.



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