Thursday pedagogy 18.04.13

Women’s liberation, the much hyped word! If we look around us, we will pause and think how much liberated women actually are!

When we will look around us we will meet women who in place of using their skill, brain, talent use primitive skills to climb ladders in material world. In quite substantial number! In small offices of India they are the smash hits! Their bosses take extra care to see they get their extra share of goodies; this certainly is based on personal experience, not above contradiction. Life has taught me to believe firmly on your own experiences but not blindly. Seen them overshadowing the hardworking, sincere, dedicated but virtuous females almost everywhere!

Is this really women’s liberation, really? Then the concubines of emperors were liberated too, quite a lot of them played the role of the actual king from behind their curtains! Heads rolled on snap of their dainty fingers.

I wonder if we will ever see the actual women liberation where majority of women will climb ladders of success by proving their merit, not pleasing their superiors or any other mighty monkey! Sometimes I think that it’s just a cunning devious game that these men play to let women know to reach the sky they will have to first touch the hell of their lust.

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  1. I think only women will be able to make this change though. As long as there are some willing to give into man for whatever reason – we will remain “inferior” to men. Just my opinion.

  2. As long as there are woman who are willing to behave this way then it will carry on happening. Sometimes us Woman have got to take responsibility. If we let ourselves be treated badly it will carry on happening.

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