Thursday pedagogy 25.04.13

How sometimes societies take the easiest way to shrug off the worst responsibilities! As an Indian woman with independent mindset I know very well how hostile Indian society is to women, it has always been, it’s nothing new.

The latest style of Indian high and mighty is sing songs of saving the girl children before and after birth. Why don’t they use their glamour to make the society respect, accept girls as living beings?

A society that thinks that its only duty is to stop female infanticide and feticide should be ashamed to know that the recorded child abuse in this country has increased 336% in last decade. Forget about the abuse of grown up women. That’s easier to hush up.

In place of washing their hands off by bringing them to world in greater number they should be concentrating on making the society a safer place for them. They may start with a few things- teaching their sons to respect girls as their equals, starting from kindergarten, or from the age they learn to understand. Teaching them to respect the knowledge that a woman is an individual worthy of respect and free will! Teaching them to not marry for dowry and treat wives as their life partners; not an all in one household assistant who will give birth and bring up his children too!

Out on the street not to exploit women weaker than them! Whether she is a helpless lonely woman, their maid or their personal assistant!

If they start doing this then I am sure female feticide and infanticide will disappear within a decade or two!

They should be ashamed for exploiting their women so brazenly for so long!

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  1. I agree, Sharmishtha…. It is not only Indian society who perform such degradations, though I appreciate it is very deeply ingrained within Indian society…
    It is certainly not enough however, at least there is a very small beginning with less female babies being disposed of. Shame that such a statement can even be expressed, yet alone true…!

    1. why don’t they convince the parents that its perfectly alright to have daughters, just like sons by making the society better for girls. after all its men who create society.

      if we don’t replace poisonous soil and keep planting saplings after sapling will they grow up and bear healthy fruits?

  2. you know, we really don’t know what to do and how to do. We keep holding on to the things we don’t want in our vicinity. A few examples I have got in mind. The latest news in Bollywood says that one hand Farhan Akhtar is campaigning for MARD and on the other hand his colleagues are signing up Sunny Leone for Welcome 2! Young people who were campaigning against Rape in the noon sun in Delhi, check their laptops you will find porn for sure.
    Who are we fighting against? Ourselves only.. Now we should just “hope” things would get better, because expectations would hurt.

    1. well, the way Bollywood treats women…. i rarely watch a hindi movie because by the time an hour has passed i feel like slapping the heroes! the sheer disrespect they show towards women seeps in the mind those idol worship them.

      did you read that news about members of parliament that were caught watching porn movies in parliament? the public only follows them i guess.

      1. Yeah I know that news.. disgusting they are. I don’t want to turn this comment into an editorial letter but I would request you to make another post on reality shows currently being aired on Indian TV channels, ex Spitsvilla and Khatron K khiladi.. I would be happy to reblog that post. I was utterly shocked at the ad of the current season of Khatron k khiladi, in which the participants are being electrocuted and drowned even!

      2. are they psychopath? I don’t watch television! really don’t have time or energy to waste in front of that idiot box! what kind of animals get those ideas and watch them?

      3. if willingly or I should say if happily! I have come across quite a few movies in which death row convicts were forced to kill each other while people watched and held bet… will you call them sick? psychopaths?

        or what about those incidents where psychopaths install hidden cameras in homes/hotel rooms?

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