Thursday pedagogy 9.5.13

One of the favorite scapegoats of modern man is religion. They blame it as if it tells them to go kill each other.

Our ancestors wrote some code of conduct in the language they spoke and left them for their descendants, with time more and more was added, in the language they spoke, everyone knew. Then with time we forgot that language and started communicating in different languages and middlemen got hold of that wealth of knowledge called religion. Taking advantage of our ignorance of the knowledge the twisted it to their benefit and made us puppets.

With age came the knowledge that man invented religion, it did not invented man. Even then we blame religion for everything for which we ourselves are actually responsible. It is true a lot of good things are taught through religion, and it is one of the greatest impacts on human mind, far stronger than schooling, so why not use it for best instead of passing our blames on a “code of conduct”?

Rubbishing so much wisdom, quite a lot of which is applicable even today is absolutely naïve if not idiotic.

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  1. I would say that religion shouldn’t be blamed. For whatever happens it is down to us. Religion has been made to guide us on the right path, but as they say knowledge is power and we have started to misuse it.

      1. U r welcome 🙂 bdw I enabled commenting on older posts like u said, and I will be staying away from WordPress for sometime now. See you later 🙂

  2. Religion is a very broad word, but I think the problem is that it is something that people hold so highly that it is easy to hijack and use for other purposes. I am a Christian and if all Christians lived like Jesus told us too, they would be the most loving people in the world, but a lot of political and selfish things take the name of Christianity to trick people into thinking that this is what God wants. It’s disgraceful. I’m sure it happens with all religions.

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