Thursday pedagogy 16.5.13

Somesh was asking me to write something about “Reality shows” a few days back. When I first watched “Truman Story” I utterly loathed the people who watched it and were running the show- still do and always will.

Where are those days when people thought that a person’s private life is his own business, none had the right to peek into it? These days’ people fit in hidden cameras in the rooms of others to watch what they do or put it online to have fun with pals! Human society is showing all the syndromes of mental sickness at mass level, and these shows are prime example of that.

I have read about participants committing suicide due to inability to face the aftershock of public humiliation, I have read about participants eating worms and frogs, now he was saying that they are being drowned or electrocuted.

There are so many movies made in this theme- human beings are made to fight, kill each other in a tailor made arena- that can be an island, forest… and ghouls shoot and ghouls watch and bid for them. So similar to Roman amphitheaters, are not they? And by the way what did we called those Romans??

The only movie I have loved in this series is a movie called “Cabin in the woods”- it was about a group of young boys and girls, selected to be sacrificed to an ancient God and were tricked into a cabin in a tailor made wood filled with actual demons to torment and kill them.

In the end things go wrong when one of them refuses to die and unleashes those demons on the people who were running the show! In the end, deprived of his sacrifice the ancient God wakes up to destroy human beings from earth!

I am sorry but when I watch movies like Hunger Games where a group of children were forced to fight each other to kill and the show was watched all over a country with great interest I feel that human civilization needs a serious snipping- down to ten percent (without a single politician in that group and I will too love to be out of that group) of present size may change them a bit.

Harsh! Is not it? Sorry am watching Hunger games. That movie is “manhoos” that is, unlucky, one problem after the other is showing up, so I am yet to finish it, will let you know the climax and if I liked it or not.

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  1. What do you think the long term effects are going to be on society by being inundated with those types of movies?

  2. I feel the same as you, in that I don’t like reality shows and I absolutely loved “Cabin in the Woods”. Of course, I don’t like drama and fighting, so that’s the main reason I don’t like reality shows. Hunger Games was good, I thought, although the people watching the games and betting on them were pretty reprehensible. It’s a good commentary on society, though.

      1. when you watch this type of movies you marvel at the mindset of the writers and wonder when will they write a story involving ten year olds killing each other ruthlessly for a candy!

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