a wild untamed soul

dancing santhals

there is a wild untamed soul
hiding inside me and you
ready to fly with wind
dance with rain
wrestle with death
if it wins a frown
or just for the fun
that playful us
tries to be obedient
but sometimes gets the rein
and creates havoc
unpredictable and uncontrollable
it runs amuck
wilder than a herd of elephants
crazier than a waterfall
that jumps from the mountain top.



      1. http://mystery756.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/carter-pic-for-trisha.jpg This is Carter our little prince. This is the third time i am writing this note. WordPress is at it again. He was born from a stray we were given last year that was throw over someone’s fence. All out cats are strays, He was suppose to be given away but I talked my partner into keeping them all. Now we have 9 cats. We lost my three laps cats over the past few years, The last was New Years of last year from Cancer. She has surgery but it was in the mouth and a stubborn cancer. The tumor returned in two to three weeks. She couldn’t eat and could not endure another surgery. She was my last real lap cat. She draped herself over my arms or my legs and snuggled with me while I wrote. I loved her. We named her Spootie Paws. She had a different name when we first named her but that passed away to the above name. She loved it. Let me know if Carter’s picture comes through. If it does I will send a regal photo of Miss Spoots, her nick name. She is quite dignified. Thank you. I will answer you other letters tomorrow. I am on curfew. My therapist told me today she wanted me to go to sleep by 4am I am now past it by 11 minutes and watching the end of Pulp Fiction. Have a good day. Till tomorrow for me. Jk πŸ™‚

      2. Pulp Fiction-one weird film but love almost all of it. Some parts I really could do without.

        Thank You, that’s our baby prince Carter aka Sparky. He is such an actor. And so perfectly charming. I’m so pleased sending the photo worked. I love him and showing him off. He is a movie star. We have made several production videos of him on YouTube. One where he actually roars. Search on YouTube for CarterLion. It is a short short video and he is a little kitten with a large ROAR. Jk πŸ™‚ 😎

      3. Same here on cat photos. also into video taping. Then I can get stills and moving action. makes for great music videos. We’ll have to compare photos sometime. wait till you see the Savannah kittens in my next letter i publish on Tuesday.You will want one. I do. But we have reached beyond our optimum. You take care, Peace Jk πŸ™‚ will write more on Sunday

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