Thursday pedagogy 30.5.13

Two tragedies back to back gave some interesting insight of Indian psychology. I have never given many marks to Indians as doting parents, and these incidents somehow sang to that gloomy belief of mine.

The whole world knows the first incident when a young girl was gang-raped and later succumbed to that. The whole country united and displayed their wrath, hatred against that monstrosity.

Something far more repulsive, tragic happened right after that, at least in my eyes, a five year old faced the same monstrosity but did not died. This incident did not create a single wave in the psyche of Indian society. That leaves one wondering if the first storm was created by some invisible force trying to gain some mileage.

No wonder our children are not safe. If we look around us, everywhere, starting from tea shops to brick kilns, brothels we will see thousands of living proof that scream that majority of Indians don’t love their children, they just give birth and then make preparations for the next one!

1 Thursday pedagogy



  1. ummm.. the second one also did see some reaction.. at least I saw some of it here in the capital.. but compared to the first one I also feel its was negligible. But reason behind that may not be in-sensitiveness or external interest only! Mass psychology has a lot more parameters included in it. But definitely I do agree somehow we are failing to care – unless it happens to ourselves!

    1. almost invisible. even though it was quite intriguing the way the first incident and its tremendous protest blew away all the corruption protests against congress! the capital was boiling with that right before the incident… something most probably channeled that to this route. because if the first fury was from core of heart the second one would not have been so mild- as they happened right after one another.

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