Thursday pedagogy 20.6.13

With the elections round the corner the atrocity against women has all of a sudden shot sky high. It’s scary and tragic the way the women, girls of west Bengal are being treated these days or the stories are being highlighted by the press.

It is not possible for the police or parents to guard every girl, so it’s high time that they should be trained to protect themselves in this filthy, predator infested world! Trained with knowledge and weapon!

The girls should be taught about the dangers that lurk around the corners for every woman, child- that is on the rise courtesy to explicit skin show in movies and porn sites.

Very serious, self defense based martial art should be included in curriculum- I have read that if a person is taught the right points in human body then they don’t need hours of practice- only the right hit on right point is enough.

They should be armed with pepper spray and tasers! The parents will buy them if the government makes them available.

Apart from that the society needs a 360 degree turn in their mentality- I have recently read a banner telling that, it said- “Don’t rape” and struck off the next sentence under it “Don’t get raped”- it’s not possible for women to treat every man as their enemy, so men should try to act like human beings, not disgusting animals that attack toddlers to grandmothers!

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