monsoon days

the earth finally sated
after drinking water from heaven
crystal clear, ice cool
all night long
the fan whirrs
but not because of heat
mainly out of habit
a tiny kitten
curled up in lap
smart fellow knows
its wise to keep it booked
or else it will be taken



      1. I answered this comment on another one. But it has been raining on and off all day. Will send you more notes tomorrow for me probably still day or evening for you. Night, Jk

      2. Well, I actually may be awake during you daytime but it is night here. I am a night rider/writer. Not big on mornings unless it is when I am having cinnamon toast and getting ready for music down to sleep. Aren’t we technically on opposite sides of the planet. New England and India. Almost maybe. It’s fun to have friendships across the globe. Wild, isn’t it. Jk

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