thursday pedagogy 27.6.13

We are living in a world that is really stretched between extremes- modernity and primitiveness in capsule. On one hand we talk big talks about venturing out in space, taking the human civilization one step further and do it. On the other hand we talk like cavemen and women and act like them too.

Recently the biggest thing of turmoil in my state is atrocity against women. While we hear all the parties discussing we notice one thing, they are missing the actual points somewhere down the line.

For centuries it has been shoved upon women to “avoid being noticed” by men unless of course you want unsavory attention and action or you have people strong enough to protect you.

Don’t go out in the deserted street.
Try not to live alone, if you do try to transform your home into an army barricade.
Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t mingle with men, don’t party too much, don’t return home at irregular hours.
Don’t look too pretty (forget about sexy)
Don’t get raped.
Don’t provoke rapists.

Why do we preach the victims instead of the culprits?

Why don’t we tell men
If you have predatory tendencies there are lot of doctors that can help you in curing that.
If a woman mingles with men, drinks alcohol, smokes, parties, returns home at irregular hour that’s her personal life, not an invitation to a rapist or pervert.
every normal living being wants to look pretty, did you know cockroaches spend hours to clean themselves up?
Don’t rape!
Let women be, like they have let you be for centuries. Try to understand, you cant keep someone down under your boot forever.

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  1. Good points. It’s my belief that male attitudes are developed as children by the person who has the most influence on them at the time — their mother. Until women stop buying into being told they are inferior and backbiting each other, things will not change.

    1. Women need to let their voices be heard & stand up for themselves. Because those types of so called men won’t change. The change needs to be shown by the women & they need to stand together against this caveman mentality. You are a great example as you voice your thoughts openly & in a public forum like this to bring awareness about this type of backward way of thinking & living.

      And – as yourothermother said “…Until women stop buying into being told they are inferior and backbiting each other, things will not change.”

  2. I agree with RoSy 100%. The change has to be shown by women. i applaud your efforts to bring out these issues which are so important for everyone to know and understand and do something about them.

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