thursday pedagogy 4.7.13

my friends often think I am some kind of a rebel, which I am not. In reality I adjust as much as I can without bending my spine to my orthodox society.

Even though I loved to dress up, still am not allergic to it but I have given it up, because of the eternal reason- I don’t want to be drooled after, admiration are rarely showered upon a beautiful, well dressed woman- mostly she is drooled after that too by married men.

I have given up on western dresses but have started wearing them again, I ignore the raised eyebrows or snide comments on this regard but even in this ground I wear them in semi Indian style- long skirt, hanging tops, or jeans with knee length tops, even though I love wearing tucked in tops and shorter skirts, a few inches above my heels I mean.

I don’t wear any make up because when I did the experiences were not really very amusing, even though I wore only natural colour pink lipstick.

I don’t befriend any man in flesh even though after 2007 I have stopped trusting any woman with my back turned towards her, sorry ladies but if you have walked in my shoes, have been stalked by ruthless, spiteful witches for 13 years you too would have saluted the fairer sex like I have and bade goodbye. I tried for good seven years to trust them but finally gave up. So I bank on only my cyber friends.

In gist Indian society loves to make single women feel like social reject- so I let them have the joy and laugh at them!

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    1. don’t feel bad for me, if you see the women who have given in to social pressure you will know I am lucky and happy 🙂
      I thank God every day that I did not gave in to the social pressure and (might have) ended up with one of the nightmares I quite often meet! be happy that I am glad to give away the inches I have to gain the miles I have!

  1. thats a big loss for all of us !

    It very difficult to be different in this severely conformist society. But I feel it [pays back by giving the pleasure of knowing how much those conformist loose by not living their life in their terms.

    And lastly as I say to all who looses hope – even if you dont get a twenty in your journey from one to nineteen, does not mean that you wont find it just after it. Take a few more steps – you will find what you seek !

  2. Very honest feelings about your life experiences as these are unique to all of us. I see a woman taking pride in herself and thinking independently in a society that does not approve of such qualities in a woman. Very brave and courageous of you. Live life at your own terms. Take care my friend. Thanks for sharing with us.

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