thursday pedagogy 11.7.13

Is broken heart reason enough to kill ourselves? When we look around us we will see so many young lives end because of it- failure in love.

when love consumes us it consumes us! anyone who has loved with all heart knows that we can see heaven in earth, and when it goes wrong life becomes hell! we long for death.

but if we start to count our blessings instead of teardrops we might be surprised, we may feel that the world is still beautiful- and it is more beautiful to us than most people around us. If we have the capacity and generosity and in place of suffering we move forth and pick up one of those more bruised souls from ground and help our world may become beautiful again!

in a complex society like human society one should not blindly rely on one form of love, in place of that one should try to enjoy it in its multicoloured form! if one form fails pick up another form and paint your world with it!

1 Thursday pedagogy


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