thursday pedagogy 18.7.13

How many of you raise your eyebrow or suppress a sigh when you note those advertisements every day that try to make every woman convince that if she is not a gorgeous creature, absolutely perfect in every physical sense then her life on earth is pure waste?

Why do we listen to these people and let them ruin our perfect world? A world that just does not cares about our looks? Only human beings do, that too naïve ones!

I don’t know how many of you have seen X men, I have seen it and have quite liked it. Think about mystique- she loved Charles but he could not love her back because of her strange skin, then she loved Eric and he loved her because of her strange skin- but when her skin became normal he stopped loving her! so none of them loved her because of what she actually was- a very special person! The same thing is applicable to those who love us for our outer appearance.

In place of bending our backs to please them we should try and please ourselves, once we do that happiness will shine through us and charm everyone.

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  1. I’m thinking there’s going to be a special hell for advertising agencies. They are the ones that have trained the human race to think packaging is everything.

    1. I too have that suspicion! 🙂
      because this mania was not this strong even a few decades ago! people could move around being themselves without feeling the urge for a cosmetic surgery or facial 🙂

  2. That’s a good reference to X-Men. It seems that Magneto is more accepting because he likes her as she is, but really he only likes her because she’s different. I think Mystique is one of the more tragic characters in those movies. She does so much but it’s still not enough.

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