Thursday pedagogy 1.8.13

A few days ago Indian government took a wise decision and finally passed a law to make acid hard to get thing in market.

It will make one shudder to think what goes inside the mind of some really deranged people. Those who throw acid at others- they don’t have any excuse at all, whatsoever. If someone has wronged you, you kill that person I get it, I may listen to your words, but throwing acid-that’s simply beats devil in evil.

Nothing can lessen the horrible suffering of the victim of acid attack but government can do a bit, just a bit- bear the expense of their treatment and give them a monthly stipend that will take care of their monetary needs, even if in modest way or else offer them a livelihood which will give them the money they need to take care of themselves.

I believe conscientious people of this country should talk about these poor souls and try to make government notice them and protect them.

It’s a very good decision to make acid a hard to get thing for starters and paying the victims some lump sum money. Apart from that they should bear the expenses of their treatment. That’s the least that can be done as a responsible state I believe.

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  1. I must say Sharmishtha this is a very big step by the government to make it difficult for people to get acid. What emotional and psychological scares these people bear who have been attacked, we cannot imagine.

  2. I shudder when I hear of another acid attack; I weep for the victim and hope the perpetrator will be dealt with in such an evil way by another of his kind, because nothing legal or humane can be as despicable as this. Thank you for your follow!

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