Thursday pedagogy 8.8.13

How much Hindi movies provoke eve teasing?

I belong to the group that thinks “a lot!” Hindi movies with their idiotic notion of love acts like stimulator to eve-teasers I think. Now, most of the people will rather think that they are good people, the heroes and heroines not villains. So when they idolize their heroes they try to mimic them too. Thus, when Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Jitendra can do that, why can’t they? Stalking un-interested heroines, insulting them, molesting them when they refuse to give in-now pawing is molesting in my opinion, it may be called romantic touch by Hindi movie story writers. Finally after all that insulting behaviour the heroine finally gets all woozy and marries him. There have been so many stories where the hero dips lower, spreads rumor, harms her otherwise but at the end the heroine without an ounce of self worth gives in and marries that rat!!!

Now, think of the little errand boy, people say he looks like Farhan Akhtar, and talks like him too, he picks up the rest of his mannerisms and targets the female customers of the restaurant, after all, that’s what movie heroes do… may be he gets a real crush on a really pretty one and starts to stalk her, bother her- after all there is no connection between status and love- that’s what movies say! That’s what his beating heart says to him, why will the movie stars say lies? They are like Gods, are not they? So he proposes to her in a bout of insanity and gets spanked or insulted, and settles his scores later on or kills himself.

What about the harassment the women have to go through because of this? I still remember all those raunchy songs that were belted out when I was in college or school and how we had to listen to them on our way to school or college. How people who just did not had anything in common with us firmly believed that they did us some favour by stalking us or making passes at us and being annoyed by that was a mean thing from our part or just tantrums to hide our willingness. A little more eve-teasing will certainly win our hearts!

Oh boy! Those jerks! How we cursed Hindi movies, their heroes and heroines for supplying never ending stimulations to these Tom, Dick and Harries year after year.

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  1. very true.. but not only Hindi movies but all mainstream Indian movies are guilty to certain extent..

    Actually its not just the movie – but it flows from the stories of Krishna where he kept on harassing the Gopis and they fell head over heels for him !

  2. So true Sharmishtha. I think Indian cinema has done more harm to people than good. The main theme is the same in every story but I must say the level of Eve teasing has increased. What an educational post that must touch the lives of so many people. Thanks for sharing. Take care my friend.

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