Thursday pedagogy 15.8.13

People often live under the misconception that there is something “cool” about bullying or ragging. Those who believe in dignified existence of others know how vain this mindset is. There is nothing “cool” in harassing someone weaker, or harassing someone hiding behind the maze of internet, the latest weapon in hands of those who churn sea of nectar and turn it into an ocean of poison. Give them anything good and they will bring out the worse from it. These people should be used as guides to “What you should not do if you are a human being” tutorials.

You will find them in all forms these days- schoolmates to spurned stalker, an enemy disguised as friend to business rival.

When a child is facing these harassments adults require to intervene, police, school authorities, guardians- the parents of the victims should be taught that these bullying mostly damage the personality of the child and the parents of the bully should be taught that there is nothing heroic in being ugly, cruel.

Now, what will adults do when they are being bullied? First thing they need to do is if they are being bullied due to some weak point of theirs- a set of photograph, religious background, color of skin- they should remember one thing, there is nothing to be ashamed in being bullied, there is nothing to be ashamed of committing a silly mistake like kissing a frog that kissed and published your kissing snaps on facebook- if someone should be ashamed than s/he not you. As for being harassed for being different- well, people harassed Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavir, Hazrat Mohammad- who do you think you are? Someone superior than them…? Maybe they are harassing you because they can never be you?

I have been harassed by some creeps, belonging to a notorious trade that’s really rampant in my country, state, not because they caught me in the wrong foot or could corrupt me, but because they could not, and after trying for years they failed miserably. So they settled their scores by ruining my career, reputation and scopes of living a normal life but at the end they are what they are- filth of humanity, and I am what I am a normal human being.

If I have been able to face these ghouls for twelve years, so can you- you don’t have any idea of how strong their hold is on my world, all I can hope and pray is nothing like that happens to you. But at the end I know I am winner, no matter what they convinced the world. No, I was never the courageous, gutsy girl- I was always the soft, dreamer who believed in the stupidest proverbs in the world, “If you don’t harm anyone no one will harm you” or “If you are good then the whole world is good in your eyes” or “Your own blood will never betray you”

So for those who get bullied by these sick, deranged people just harden yourself, make yourself stronger and wait for the barking dogs to fall silent. Sooner or later they will shut up or if better- die.

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  1. There’s a big initiative in US to combat bullying at school, however there’s none for adults. For adults it only takes little bit of courage to stand up against bullying. When courage is on fire, bullying is in smoke!

  2. Courage is the only stand one can take against bullying and then they fizzle out -the bullies. I am glad you emerged as a winner out of the dark and faced your bullies with courage. Bravo Sharmishtha, that’s the way to make your mark in this wicked world.

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