Thursday pedagogy 24.10.13

Luck- some people believe it, some think that its an excuse used by weaker people as excuse. I personally believe in the words famous palmist Cheiro has said, there are people who feel the gusts of luck through out their live and believe in it and there are people who don’t feel a single whiff of luck through their live and thus don’t believe in it at all. They neither face the wrath of luck or feel it shower down upon them.

Those who don’t believe in it, well, I will cite a small example, and ask them what will they call it but luck, you are an intelligent young girl, who is ready to work hard to pursue dreams, your parents don’t care much about your future so in place of making arrangements of a good tutor they hire a college student, who uses you as a guinea pig on purpose or without knowing and fills up your notebooks with rubbish, you are too young to assess his works, to add up to your misery right on the eve of your career deciding exam a miscreant leaks the question papers, the exams get stalled for three months, that is not the final thing either- the teachers who were supposed to do their duties, the council that was supposed to assess your answer sheets like human beings plays rogue and out of 100 students in your class 80 get the same number – exactly same number, i.e. pass marks. To finalize the thing, another politician who studied up to eighth standard and using family lineage became prime minister passes a law that to pursue the only decent line of studies one will require fifty percent marks in each subject! in a series of events all your dreams go down the drain- what will you call it but luck?

You will say that does not decided your life, well, it does not, so you pick up your pieces and start to try again, your dreams are very small, a secured job, so you try the next channel- the only decent jobs available in your country, government services- voila! life had other plans, your own sister, deliberately keeps ruining all your chances, reason? some weird venom against you or future plans- she wanted to make you her free of cost slave, that you realized years later, by that time she had sealed the grave on your dream of getting any government job.

you gathered up pieces again and started to try private sector job, ha! after years of trying you realize that only way of earning your bread is becoming a crook or immoral- why? your family lineage- you have been surrounded by the muck of society for years, even before you realized that you were their target, not because you are some hot shot, but because they have problem with your family! so finally you give up, because you don’t want to lose your morals!

what will you call it but luck if your fate is decided by only one thing- your family?

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  1. Hmmm…

    From the very young age I always maintained my dictum- “I don’t believe in good luck, but only in bad luck. So if I try hard for something and it doesn’t come through – its my bad luck. And if it does come through its not ‘good luck’ but my hard work! So only bad luck exist – not good luck!”

    On another note – apart from the close family part (which got replaced by people who always been very close), the story looks very very familiar.. uncanny familiarity. Its just that though the protagonist in my story went down to dumps repeatedly (again uncannily – every 5 years), he went was out. And after nearly 4 decades of struggle ( which still continues) he can smile and say – finally I got something to be happy!

      1. Not Saturn – but close enough! – Uranus – 16th..
        And though Astrology is good to read for amusement.. I prefer Astronomy ! 😉

      2. 16th of which month? now dont tell me july and you share your birthday with Kat Kaiff. i dont read astrology much, even though i have noticed it slightly hints the nature of a person. i love astronomy, esp photographs

  2. So well written, Sharmi. It’s a big, bad world where people are exploited and made to suffer. I believe in both luck and hard work. As long as we are true to ourselves, we should keep going in the journey of life.

  3. I believe in luck. I think it plays a major role in our lives. All my life everything good or bad that took place I have attributed to luck and destiny because I believe so. Great thoughts about luck and something to think about since it plays a major role in our lives. Awesome post my friend Sharmishtha. You take care and God bless.

  4. I’m not sure what to call it, but it does seem like there are forces beyond our control dictating life events. I too have a family member who insists upon sabotaging my work. It almost seems like she does it unaware. I know how you feel Sharmishtha, but we have to keep getting up and fighting through to our next dream until one finally comes true. ❤

    1. thanks for understanding Johnny. well, mine did it on purpose and cold blood, I feel pity for her, her heart is so filled with poisonous envy without any rhyme and reason! people like her harm others but their own heart never allows them to be happy- so much poison cant be soothed no matter how much happiness they try to snatch from others.

  5. I would say I believe in luck, in that life is not equal and seems to be random in some factors. However, I don’t think that it is a force or an attribute, in that some people are inherently lucky or unlucky. Obviously, success is easier for some people based on their circumstances, but ultimately, our lives are what we make of them.

      1. This is a perfect “Note” to listen to !! ” I don’t allow it to be the final say in my life” and “I too believe we may change it” !!

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