Thursday Pedagogy 7.11.13

When I left behind my battalion of cats, I was quite worried that I will miss them terribly. I am glad that I did not, well, those of you who have had more than a few cats know that they are real slave drivers, and having them in a closed home is quite a discomfort.

I really missed them for a while, because they have filled up a void in my life, all of a sudden I had too many creatures around me I could love – with all my heart.

with great relief I realized another thing, my heart did not bounced back to human beings for companionship. I was a bit afraid because I have been too fond of human beings for too many years, before they lost the most important aspect of true relationships- trustworthiness.

I sometimes wonder what my cats are doing, I pray for them more sincerely than I pray for myself šŸ™‚

those who try to love human beings unselfishly most probably often wonder like I did for quite some years, why cant we trust human beings like we can trust animals!

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  1. I’m with you on this one. As time passes, I find fewer people that cannot maintain trust in relationships. Even those who are supposed to. Too bad you had to leave your cats; I still have a dog as my trustworthy friend.

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