thursday pedagogy 14.11.13

after spending five years in a dungeon, where I did not had much connection with the people around me I am spending some time observing them, they truly are funny things to observe.

how some of them walk around with an air of superiority without any reason at all, they think they can insult anyone who is not “up to the mark” in their scale of measurement. People with different way of lifestyle, people of different religion, belief- they play the role of jesters in my stage of life, I feel sad for those they target, if they pay them more attention then they deserve I mean. I don’t give much attention to the opinions of others, because I really don’t think one should pay attention to every Tom, Dick and Harry’s opinions, especially if that person is using an abusive, derogatory way of expressing it.

The sooner people start to realize that they owe an explanation to only their loved ones, themselves and God the better it is for them.

Life is too short to waste after bullies.

1 Thursday pedagogy



  1. You are spot on, as Coco chanel said ‘I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.’ ……. have to keep reminding mysef , everytime i have bitter experiences with people who can’t mind their own business

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